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Our first dabrag was made for Dub Glassworks in March 2012 for the American Glass Expo! Since then we changed our name from dabrags when AGE informed us any company or product with the word dab in it would be limited or not promoted at their show and we would face limited distribution in various other markets. So we became RigRags and released our new designs & collab w/ Skilletools at both CHAMPS & AGE with more designs and Collabs coming soon!!!

RigRags are approximately 13.5" x 13.5".  

RigRags are made out of Cotton.


To wash, simply soak in pipe cleaner/water - handwash and dry.

In cases of heavy residue build-up, ISO alcohol soak first then wash! 

Warm ISO works BEST but be careful!

Ideas that you want to share with us for new RigRags products?  Please feel free to send them our way!!!